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Having some trouble with your L.E.D. sign? Here are some general diagnostic tips that may help:

  1. 1.First of all take the time to power down all of the hardware associated with your sign. Once you have completed this task, simply turn the power to your sign (and computer) back on.
    Believe it or not step #1 will fix 99% of your problems. Easy, huh?

  2. 2.Next, Make sure that all the connections that are associated with your sign are snug in their respective ports. This means following the wire that is attached to you sign or your computer and making sure that, not only does it end up somewhere that it is supposed to go, but also making sure that it is snuggly attached to the port it occupies.

  3. 3.If you have completed steps one and two, and have programmed your sign(s) with a computer, and still are having problems, you should run the maintenance programs on your computer. The maintenance programs are called SCANDISK and DISK DEFRAGMENTER. You can locate and run these two programs by using your mouse to select and follow:
    Among the various programs within this menu are SCANDISK and DISK DEFRAGMENTER. It is recommended by most computer techs that you run these two programs regularly to maintain optimal computer performance.

If you have performed the previous 3 steps are are still experiencing problems, Please call us at 800.366.9336 to speak with one of our friendly technical professionals.

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